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Fleet Telematics On The Farm

Over the years we have seen technology become a great resource to the agriculture world. From drones to smart devices, many farms are using technology to help their agribusinesses become more profitable, efficient, safer, and even more environmentally friendly. An important tool that any agribusiness using multiple farm vehicles should be using is fleet telematics.

Fleet telematics encompasses a range of technologies which collect data that can be used to evaluate the vehicle and the driver. In other words, this technology gives you the ability to track your farm vehicles, protect your assets, and increase worker productivity.

Using GPS tracking devices and a fleet management system you can easily identify where your farm vehicles are located at and monitor their locations while in use. Knowing where your farm vehicles are at all times can help protect them against theft or damage. Depending on the technology you are using, you may also be able to use the data to determine when vehicles need certain maintenance and repair.

Some telematics technology includes the ability to use geofencing. Geofencing allows you to create virtual boundaries around key locations which can help you to monitor what vehicles or pieces of equipment are existing or entering those areas. Geofencing can also help to identify areas that need to be avoided by vehicles or areas that require attention. For example, if you have your livestock grazing out in a field, you could mark that area to be avoided in an effort to avoid any accidents.

Fleet telematics can help you monitor and maintain your assets, but it can also help monitor your staff. When it comes to any business, safety is a top concern. Fleet telematics technology monitors your vehicles in many ways including the driving habits of your staff that are behind the wheel. You can get data such as how fast the vehicle is going, if it is breaking hard, and more. This data can help you determine if your drivers are maintaining safe driving practices and could help you prevent accidents if they are not.

In general, fleet telematics is a combination of tools that give you a lot of data about your farm vehicles. From where they are located to how they are being used, this data can help you to make decisions and have communication with your staff. These technologies are shaping the future of the agriculture industry and they can help you shape the future of your agribusiness.