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ASA understands the unique needs of farms and agribusinesses.  Whether you are a small business with two employees or a large company with hundreds of employees on multiple operations, we can help develop a plan to meet your unique needs.  We have a number of options, including programs we've specifically developed for farms and agribusinesses,  that may be the right solution.

ASA can guide you through the challenges of health care reform

ASA knows the challenges of navigating the health care reform rules.  Below are just few of the items we can help you with.

Open Enrollment Notices – There are specific requirements based on your group size around what types of information needs to be sent to employees and when they need to be sent.  ASA has guides and checklists which will help you stay in compliance with healthcare reform.  We also have sample notices that you can use as opposed to starting from scratch.
COBRA Compliance – When an employee leaves employment, in some circumstances they are eligible for COBRA continuation of coverage.  This can be complicated and ASA will walk you through what you need to do and what you need to offer to employee that have left employment. 
Federal Compliance with Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs) – Most employers are not aware that there are specific requirements for what you must provide to employees in the form of a Summary Plan Description when offering benefits.  ASA will give you the guidance you need to provide the right information.
All of the services and guidance we provide as it relates to healthcare reform is at no cost when you have your health insurance through ASA.

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