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Group Health Insurance Can Help Hiring and Retaining Good Employees

Labor markets are still challenging, it can be difficult to hire and retain employees. Employers are offering signing bonuses, extra vacation and other incentives to join or stay with their company.  Offering health insurance to your employees can improve your reputation as a more attractive employer and help you:
  • Attract good employees: The labor market continues to be challenging, it’s difficult to attract and keep good employees right now. Employees continue to report that healthcare is a key factor when deciding to choose or stay with an employer.
  • Maintain a stable & motivated workforce: When offering health insurance, you are investing in your employees.  You’re showing them that you have their best interests in mind and value their job performance. This can help you to build a tight knit team that will stay for years.
  • Improve productivity:  When they are covered, employees are more likely to go for preventive services or see a doctor when sick. Health insurance coverage allows your employees to be healthier, return to work quicker, and stay on the job.  Keeping employees on the job improves the productivity of your workforce.
  • Improve morale: Health insurance benefits can increase morale throughout your staff and generate a positive culture.  When employees feel valued, they are more likely to have a good attitude and be more positive at work.
  • Tax benefits: There is also a potential tax benefit to offering health insurance; you may be able to deduct your health plan contributions. This is not always the case and we recommend that you speak with a financial or legal advisor before taking advantage of this possible tax benefit.

With these benefits in mind, Agri-Services Agency can help you design a group healthcare plan that meets your needs and fits your budget, while also helping you attract and retain employees as well as improve he effectiveness of your team.

The team at Agri-Services Agency is available to discuss the various healthcare programs they offer and other benefit options and will work with you to tailor a plan that fits for your operation. Plans can include group health coverage, dental, vision and other voluntary benefits. 

To discuss any options available to you, contact Agri-Services Agency at 877-466-9089 or visit