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You're Never Too Small To Get Hacked

As farming continues to embrace new technologies, your business becomes a more attractive target. From routine operations like office systems to high tech equipment like camera systems and robotic milkers, your farm is evolving. It is important that you protect it from unseen threats. 
A cyber attack takes place every 20 seconds.
You're more likely to be hacked than experience a loss due to a flood. 
Data breaches can be financial devastating.
Nearly 40% of cyber crime victims spend over $50,000 responding to an attack. 
Risks are contantly evolving.
Technology is always changing, so are the tactics used by cyber criminals. 
Hackers are highly organized.
Teams from around the world are always looking for ways to exploit businesses. 
You don't have to be a big business.
Nearly half of all data breached target small businesses. 
You may not even be the direct target.
Vendors and partners hold your data. Since 2019, over 9.7 billion records leaked. 

No matter what type of agribusiness you run, if you rely on a computer, smart phone, tablet, or the internet to conduct your business you are open to cyber risks. If you're near a city or far form others, even if you only spend a short amount of time online, your systems are vulnerable to attack. That is why cyber insurance is a great business decision. 

Cyber Insurance helps pay to get your business back to normal. Some of the protections may include: 
Data recovery and recreation 
System recover and repair
Lost business income
Reputation management
Ransom and extortion payments
Data breach response expenses
Identity recover expenses
Data breach liability and legal expenses
Payments to fraudulent parties
Agri-Services Agency's focus is on farmers and agri-businesses. We understand the challenges you face everyday, including new risks like cybercrime. We have programs and strategies devloped specifically for your needs. The team here as Agri-Services Agency is ready and available to discuss this critical coverage with you. Give us a call today at 877-466-9089 to get the coversation started!