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Producer Spotlight – Jordan Wollenberg

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Jordan is licensed in Property and Casualty Insurance and Life, Accident and Health Insurance and services the central region of the country. He has been with Agri-Services Agency since 2014. He understands the importance of agriculture and strives to help protect the people that feed and clothe us. When Jordan isn’t working to protect his … More

Producer Spotlight – Michael Hess

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Michael is licensed in Property and Casualty Insurance and services the southwest region of the country. He has been with Agri-Services Agency since 2014. Michael was born and raised on a farm in west Texas so he is especially passionate about agricultural and protecting the families that feed this country. When Michael isn’t working to … More

Producer Spotlight – Kara Argetsinger

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Kara is a Certified Professional Insurance Agent (CPIA) who is licensed in Property and Casualty Insurance with responsibility for serving the northeast area of the country. Kara has more than five years of insurance experience. Kara graduated from Mansfield University with a communications degree and was Agri-Services Agency 2016 “Sales Person of the Year” for … More

Protect the Ones You Love Before it’s Too Late

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Life insurance is one of those things that almost everyone needs, but almost nobody thinks about. For many people, their first experience with life insurance is either when someone they know gets an insurance license or when they or someone they know goes through an unfortunate death in the family. In either situation, it can … More

Safety Tips Around the Farm

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As time goes on, it is easy to get into a routine and just go through the motions when it comes to farm safety. If you’re careful, accidents may not happen often, but farming is dangerous! According to OSHA, in 2011 the agricultural injury rate was over 40% higher than the rate for all workers. … More

Why you should insure livestock

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Insuring livestock on a dairy farm is a wise thing to do. More than likely, the cows on a dairy farm are the only source of revenue for the farm. It is important to protect your investment because the cows are the individuals’ livelihood. You can protect your animals from drowning, electrocution, vandalism and collision … More

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Preventing Tractor Injuries

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Tractor injuries can lead to very serious injuries. To some, it may seem like a very easy task to operate a tractor but in most scenarios it isn’t. Even the most skilled individual who has had years of experience operating a tractor needs to have their eyes open at all times while operating the tractor. … More

Preventing Farm Injuries

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Working on a farm can expose an individual to many injuries. Farm related injuries are a result of many different factors including the equipment, environment and human factors. The farm can be a great place to be but at the same time it can impose many life-threatening injuries. It is important to know exactly what … More

Wellness for Individuals

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The winter season has kicked into high gear and cold weather makes it a challenge to stay healthy. The bacterium that causes the common cold seems to be everywhere now. It is important to stay fit and eat healthy because then you can stop that cold from creeping up on you. We have compiled a … More

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