Pollution Insurance

Many dairy farms face the risk of pollution or nuisance suits. As a dairy farm owner, are you under the impression that “it will never happen to me”? Or do you think you are already covered for pollution risks under your current general liability plan? Reconsider your options, because you may not be as well protected as you believe. Environmental risks are a reality, and many farmers are not adequately protected. So let Agri-Services Agency (ASA) protect you by providing the pollution protection you need.

Our package is unique to the agricultural industry and built exclusively for dairy farms, covers legal defense costs, covers nuisance odors and dust, and much more. Don’t let an environmental accident end your farming operation. Instead, we can help you make sure you are prepared and fully covered for them.

Protect your livelihood from the unexpected with this specialty coverage, which includes:

• Both on-site and off-site cleanup costs
• Bodily injury and property damage resulting from pollution conditions
• Coverage for sudden and gradual events
• Manure transportation — over-the-road spills
• Chemical spraying
• Permitted and unpermitted discharge of waste water effluents and storm water

With today’s increased awareness of environmental issues, it is important to protect your livelihood, your family, and your farm from the environmental risks associated with farming operations. That is why Agri-Services Agency (ASA) has designed a pollution liability program that is exclusively for dairy farm operations. Contact us today for more information and a free quote!

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